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Hello Everyone! Just want to let you all know the Tuna Bomb Poppers are now finished and ready to ship. We have been working hard to get these finished, and covid hasn't help much. We produced Two models of poppers and 4 different colors at this time. All popper's have are hand painted and have multi-coats of hard epoxy that stand up well against any tuna and GT's. They are equipped with an 800...
Has a little crack and missing the cap but you can use sand instead of water to weigh down. Let me know if interested.
Sight is new just mounted onto my bow and it s not for me. $200 Will consider 7 pin .19 SH or Fast Eddy 5 Pin .19
Good News Everyone! H4L Tackle "Tuna Bomb Popper" line will now come with Owner ST-66 hooks. We are also please to report we are a dealer, and will be carrying Owner brand products on the website in next couple weeks so keep your eyes on the site for the new additions. Tight lines, bent rods, and hurt backs Get You Some! . Tuna Bomb OSG Tuna Bo...
Bow flex weights. Excellent condition. Walmart asking $900 for new with stand. Selling with stands for $400
Great condition P 90 X extreme home fitness comes with the nutrition plan it has 12 videos but it s missing the first video which is chest and back exercise and then number 11 which is cardio
Thinning little used pant inventory. These have been used very little and are in excellent shape. $125 TYD PayPal Add 3% for Goods&services
Don t even know what I have here, but they ve never seen the field. Older model 36 waist and 32 inseam. Had these taken in to a 33/34 waist, then lost more weight and they ve been in the closet for 4 yrs. this model has the mid-thigh snap which allows the pants to be rolled up and snapped just above the knee. I ve included a pic of this feature. OC pattern $100 TYD PayPal Add 3% for Goods&Services
EDIT:: these are 31R NOT 33 s Taking some inventory and need to thin out some unused pants. New with tags, never worn - only tried on. $140 TYD PayPal Add 3% for goods&services
From the first year Houston hosted the Super bowl. There s another signature on there but I was in 6th grade and don t remember who s it is lol Make me an offer
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